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About EVG

Springhill Farms operates over 4500 acres in the Heart of England, with a wide range of agricultural and horticultural enterprises including tomatoes, spring onions, asparagus, fennel and courgettes, as well as combinable and forage crops. EVG has grown to be one of the largest farming businesses in the Midlands, remaining a family business with an enthusiasm and passion for what they do.

Supplying a diverse customer base including leading supermarkets, independent wholesale, food service and processing sectors, the company prides itself on an innovative approach, quality focus, and customer service, all underpinned by an experienced team.

A fully vertically integrated operation - growing, packing and marketing the finest fresh salad and vegetable crops. Caring for the environment is at the heart of the company vision, taking a sustainable approach to food production from utilising waste, reducing water usage and chemical inputs.

Springhill Nurseries

Here tomato crops are grown hydroponically in a carefully controlled environment. A shallow stream of filtered rainwater passes over the roots of the plants in gutters suspended above the ground. Fruit ripens at head height, so there being no bending down - picking is a much less laborious task. Tomatoes are harvested from March through to December.

A biomass boiler utilies waste wood to heat the greenhouse. Adjacent to the nursery is an anaerobic digester where carbon dioxide is captured and used in the greenhouse to increase the photosynthesis of the plant.

Vale Green Energy (VGE)

VGE was established in 2012, dedicated to sustainable energy production. Two anaerobic digestion plants and a 19.35mw solar farm produces gas and electricity. The combined output produces sufficient equivalent energy to power the two local towns of Evesham and Pershore.

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