Growing Operations

Our growing operations are based in Lower Moor, near Pershore, and the team grow multiple crops within a 40 mile radius. 

With a total of 4,500 acres, we can use our combinable and energy crops to create a wide rotation for the vegetable crops to deliver consistently with a reduced risk of disease such as white rot. We make the best use of our land, maintaining soil health, and leave space for nature. 

Salad Vegetables

Land at Springhill Farm was farmed as far back as the Bronze and Iron Ages. More recently, records have shown that since the early 20th century, vegetables grown at Springhill Farm were transported across all of England, using the railway line that is still in use today.

We are the second largest grower of Spring Onions in the UK, meaning that we can supply our customers with onions for a full 52 weeks of the year.

Our teams manage the entire growing process from seed, drilling, agrochemical and digestate applications, harvesting, and packing for all of the spring and salad onion varieties we sell. We harvest every product by hand, and we then process the onions in our purpose-built packhouse at Springhill Farm. All salad and vegetable growing is carried out within a 50 mile radius of our packhouse, helping us provide the freshest produce possible.

We run variety trials alongside our commercial crops, which are focussed on improving disease and pest resistance. These varieties are planned according to the location of the field they will grow in and harvesting time, which helps our team to ensure the best quality and taste.

We grow British Vale of Evesham Asparagus too. This carries a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, which recognises that this specific product can only be grown in Evesham!

Arable Crops

We grow a variety of combinable and energy crops that include maize, wheat, rye grass, and triticale. 

Using a combination of crops through the rotation, and the utilisation of digestate from our own AD plants, we can increase our soil’s organic matter levels, year on year.

Multi species cover crops are also used to ensure our land is always protected by a growing crop throughout the year. This helps to improve our biodiversity both above and below ground and gives us a resilient soil that is better able to produce our crops, whatever the weather.

Farm Jobs Opportunities

There are several career options for working with our farms team, and some of these include field work, packhouse work, and tractor driving.

Please visit our careers page for vacancies of roles we are currently hiring for. 

Accommodation is provided (if required) in either cabins or caravans. Living together with other colleagues, we will provide you with communal kitchens, bathrooms, washing facilities, and smoking areas. We will also supply a bedding welcome pack to all including a duvet, pillow and sheets so that you don’t need to bring it with you before arriving.

All our accommodation sites are in short proximity to the nearest towns (<5 miles), making for easy access to local amenities. We provide twice weekly trips to the local supermarket as well, so colleagues can purchase all the essentials.